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| 9 november 2013
A+A Trade Fair in Düsseldorf
This year’s A+A Trade Fair was held from 5-8.11.2013 in Düsseldorf.
Over 1,600 exhibitors from 55 countries took part in the event, which saw 63,000 visitors including over 15,000 from outside Germany. The partner country at this year’s event was Turkey (Russia in 2009, Poland in 2011), where the working population of potential users of individual safety equipment consists of around 23,000,000 people. The Trade Fair showed that the market for OSH products is developing dynamically. Data about the level of turnover in this industry in Germany indicates a 35% increase during the years 2004-2012.

This year FILTER SERVICE, which has been exhibiting at A+A Trade Fairs since 1997 presented, as well as the standard products already highly regarded by customers, some new products - FS 33 V F FFP3 R D and FS 80 V FFP3 R D filtering half-masks.

                FS 33 V F FFP3 R D                               FS 80 V FFP3 R D

Both of these products are fitted with extra filters, which significantly improve the comfort of use of this type equipment. The inlet valves used in these half-masks let fresh, cool, clean air from filters in under their bowls. The used, CO2-contaminated air is let out through the valve or, as is the case with the FS 80 V FFP3 R D mask, two exhalation valves. Both half-masks are designed and suitable for repeated use. Hygiene is simple to maintain with these products, because the materials used which are in direct contact with the user’s face are easy to clean.

In thanking you for your visit to our showroom during the A+A Trade Fair, we would like to extend our warm invitation to contact and collaborate with FILTER SERVICE.