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Disposable half mask FS Colours Code C 20 FFP2 NR D
Category: Colours Series
Class: P2
NDS: 10 x NDS
Standard: EN 149:2001/A1:2009
Half-mask Respirators Colours Series

To work and during disasters choose a colour according to the type of hazard

- professional half-mask respirators for all kinds of work

- half-mask respirators for disaster recovery works
Blue half-masks
Average hazard degree

- Recommended for: welding jobs, building jobs, demolition jobs, paint jobs, lamination jobs, agrochemical jobs, pharmacy, laboratories, metallurgy, metal industry, deep-sea mining, surface mining, rubber industry, wood industry, agriculture. 

- Can be used during: earthquakes, terrorist attacks, volcanic eruptions, construction disasters, transport disasters, technical equipment failure, peatland fires, hurricanes, typhoons, cyclones, storms, tsunamis, floods infestations, infectious disease epidemics,

Designed for works with high concentration of non-toxic dusts, fumes and mists (class P2 – up to 10 x TLV)
Additional advantages:
Compact, anatomical shape, pleasant to the touch and of a delicate material. The respirator is covered with a special layer of protective cloth, which extends its life.
for protection the respiratory tract against dusts, solid particles aerosols and liquid aerosols to 10 x TLV.