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Disposable half mask PFS-12V FFP1 NR D
Category: PFS
Class: P1
NDS: 4 x NDS
Standard: EN 149:2001 + A1:2009
Certificate: CIOP PIB per EU 2016/425
Protection of human airways against harmful airborne solid particulates and/or liquids in aerosols (dust, smoke and mist) at a maximum exposure level of 4 times PEL (Permissible Exposure Limit).
Non-toxic dust particulates; for use in agriculture, food processing, quarry processing and cement plants; dedicated to dust particulates of calcium carbonate, natural and synthetic graphite, gypsum, chalk, cement, plaster dust, marble, zinc oxide, plant pollens, cellulose, sulphur dust, cotton, metal filing dust, and carbon/coal dust with < 10% of free silica
Half-mask dome:
- Polyester needled cloth
- Melt blown polypropylene non-woven cloth
- Outer coating needled cloth
- Exhaust valve
- Adjustable nose clip for a tight fit around the nose
- Polyethylene foam nose seal
- Head strap with fasteners for length adjustment
- Head strap