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Dust filter E 953 P3 R
Category: Filters for gas masks
Class: P3
NDS: 20 x NDS
Standard: EN 143: 2000/A1:2006
Certificate: CE, issued by CIOP
THE FIRST IN POLAND DUST REUSABLE FILTERS are certified products that meet the requirements of the LATEST STANDARD PN EN 143:2000/A1:2006, which imposes an obligation to test filters with a mist of paraffin oil. Withstands the variable penetration test in time means a high product quality. Additional tests allowed to mark the filters with the letter R, which means the product is reusable. The very high comfort of user experience achieved is a result of the use of modern filtering nonwovens and an extensive filtration surface.
Designed for respiratory protection, when combined with the half mask EURMASK ETNA, against solid particle aerosols or water-based aerosols (dust, smoke) and aerosols with dispersed liquid phase (mist), provided the concentration of dispersed phase aerosol does not exceed 50 x NDS.
Additional advantages:
An extensive filtration area, high comfort of use.