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Filtering nonwoven fabric intened for dry and wet filtration FS TŁ 10
Category: Filtration fabrics
Raw material: 100% Polypropylene
Bonding method: needling/calendering

Max width of nonwoven fabric:
- 0,6 m
Max reel length: 60 mb

Mass per unit area: 410 + 30 g/m2

Nonwoven fabric thickness: 3,0 + 0,5 mm

Colour: white
Tear resistance:
Lengthwise ≥ 80 dN
Breadthwise≥ 120 dN

Air permeability

At ∆P = 200 Pa Pa : 500 + 80 dm3/m2 s
Separation of particles:
10 µm 
Temperature resistance: 90oC (continuous duty)

Moisture resistance: resistant

Acid resistance: resistant

Nonwoven can be used for wet and dry filtration in sugar and fat industres.
Additional advantages:
Nonwoven made of raw material allowable to contact with foodstuffs