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Full-Face Mask – PANAREA 7000
Category: Gas masks and full masks
PANAREA 7000 is a high quality full-face mask used by professionals for many different applications. The face part is made of silicone, which makes PANAREA particularly soft and is extremely flexible at high and low temperatures. High-quality materials and careful workmanship ensure the mask’s durability, which makes PANAREA an extremely cost-effective product.

The mask comes in a universal size. It provides a secure and comfortable fitting for almost all face shapes.

It meets the highest quality standards and perfectly fits to the face and provides a high level of comfort.

Panarea 7000 mask is compatible with Rd 40 x 1/7-thread canisters. They include a wide range of applications and are highly versatile in use.

Comfortable five-point straps allow the mask to be easily and quickly worn. The panoramic visor provides a wide field of view, and is made of breakproof polycarbonate, which is resistant to extreme temperatures. It has a smart ventilation system and a membrane, which helps in communication.

After connecting with suitable Rd 40 x 1/7-thread canisters the mask can be used for the protection of respiratory system against hazardous chemicals in the air.

The mask cannot be used in the atmosphere, where the content of oxygen drops below 17%.