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Social Responsibility of Filter Service

Social Responsibility of Filter Service

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a concept according to which in the process of management companies take into account not only economic aspects, but they also carry out activities in favour of social and environmental issues. Responsible practices do not only mean the compliance with all formal and legal requirements. They also include an increased investment in human resources, relationships with employees, contractors and clients (widely understood stakeholders) as well as environmental protection.

Since the beginning of our business activity we have been doing our best to comply with legislative and ecological standards in an exemplary manner, while constantly striving to improve our relations with the community. We build a positive relationship with people involved in the company’s activity. We take care of the natural environment, still improving our products and at the same time ensuring flexibility and innovation. Our efforts are also appreciated by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, which have consulted us about procedures of an assessment of scientific units.

An example of the voluntary involvement of Filter-Service in the continuous improvement of our organisational culture is the introduction and implementation of the integrated management system ISO 9001:2009, the environmental management system ISO 14001:2005 and PN-N 18001:2004.

Filter Service for employees

We believe that work of all employees makes up the company’s success. Therefore we take care of their professional development and safety, creating suitable conditions for disabled employees, who are 30% of our staff. We train our employees in first aid. We have an individual approach to our employees’ problems and expectations, recognizing that they have different needs. We provide them with training opportunities, and we partially fund their studies, foreign language learning, recreation, holiday, and sports activity. We meet together at team building events. As part of our social system we provide material and financial support. We reward our employees’ inventiveness and creativity within the programme “Employees’ proposals improving the integrated management system”. Taking into account our employees’ commitment and conscientiousness we provide a flexible, task-oriented work schedule.

Filter Service for the environment

Thinking about the natural environment protection we concentrate on the effective management of resources and energy. We introduce innovative technological changes and we adjust our culture and work organisation to them. In 2011 we introduced a programme for re-using industrial waste in the manufacturing process and we are constantly working on its development. Also our immediate surrounding is important for us. We support local environmental initiatives, e.g. festivities on the occasion of the World Environment Day in Przysiek and the 10th Interschool Environmental Session in the Post-Secondary School Complex in Zgierz.

Filter Service for the community

As a company we feel connected to the place where we conduct our business activity. We want to be an active creator of local processes. We treat our local partners with respect. Together with them we try to build the image of Zgierz and its region. We act for the local community and for many years we have regularly conducted charitable activities. We support sports and education. We become involved in sponsoring cultural events. We are not indifferent to the needs of others. We support the Polish Red Cross and we participate in the ‘School Tools Campaign’. In cooperation with the Social Welfare Centre in Zgierz we partially fund an eating-house for the poorest and the campaign “Christmas 2010”. Thanks to our help provided for the Polish Association for Disabled People, rehabilitation equipment was purchased for children from Zgierz, Ozorków and Głowno, and also rehabilitation camps were organised for them. Children from Zgierz were sent to a summer camp and the festival of Christmas carols was also held. Together with the Management of the Polish Association for Persons with Mental Handicap in Zgierz we have supported the development of people with intellectual disability. We also devote a lot of attention to children, providing financial support for foundations that help sick children, including e.g. the Foundation for Children “Help on Time”, “Give Your Smile”, the Children’s Friend Society, and “The Colourful World”.

We would like to thank our employees and co-operators who make it possible for us to become involved in social issues.