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Waste management after product life termination

The characteristics of waste generated in the production of personal protection equipment

The waste generated in the processing of code 04 02 22 textile fibres is an effect of the technological process of the production of:

  • filtration materials,
  • half-mask respirators,
  • filters.

1. Polypropylene (polypropylene nonwoven)
2. Polyester (polyester nonwoven)

Preventing environmental pollution

1. Waste filtration materials, personal protection equipment should be subjected to the selection into recycled plastics containers.
2. Waste cannot be mixed, disposed of with municipal waste or other waste

Legal basis

Waste Act of 27 April 2001 (Journal of Laws no. 628 as amended)
Act of 22.01.2010 amending the waste act and other acts (Journal of Laws no. 2010 no. 28, item 145)

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Specjalista ds. ZSZ [IMS Specialist]                       Integrated Managemenet System Management Board Representative
Jerzy Szymański                                                        Edward Masiera