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| 20 may 2004
„Filter Service” company takes part in many national and international fairs. Sales promotion is one from better form of product presentation to large variety of potential clients. SAWO Fairs in Poznan and “A+A” Fairs in Düsseldorf are the main fairs. more ›››

| 15 march 2004
The Poland membership in the European Union brings nearer. More and more regulations are identical with that, which are in force in the EU. There are also being implemented regulations concerning the Safety and Hygienic of Work and the directive 89/686/EWG concerning means of individual protection. more ›››

| 1 july 2003
More and more small and medium companies in Poland are looking for a possibility to develop sale of their products and services on the foreign markets. Basis of that action is a regression of polish economy. Signals about a current situation as a first got companies supplying goods and services used to manufacture the freely available consumption goods. In part of these companies as early as in the middle of the nineties took note of possibility to develop export as an alternative for a domestic market. more ›››

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